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YORK Search Group TEMS

We are happy to announce, our Payroll Services has now been fully automated.

Effective immediately, please begin sending your Timecards and/or Invoices to

Submit Expenses to

If you are sending Timecards and Expenses at the same time as one submission, no problem, please send it to

Yes, simple and easy!

The @Payroll proprietary software has been designed to accept the submission directly from the emails you send and automatically pull them in for processing. This has all been designed and organized at the back-end with zero inconvenience to the user.

This means you do not have to log in and upload your documents any longer.

If you have any queries please don't hesitate to call or email Suja. She can be reached at 416 366 8198 or You can also reach out to Megan on 647 728 0701 or